5 Most Impressive Social Housing Projects in the World

Social housing makes it easy for low-income families to become a homeowners but it doesn’t guarantee an aesthetically pleasing design or structure. Still, there are builders around the world who think outside the blocks of concrete. These designers, architects and builders are setting an example for all social housing projects to follow.

Below is the list of 5 most impressive social housing projects that set an example of how affordable housing should be done.

5. Sa Pobla Social Housing (Mallorca, Spain)

The white-fronted housing complex at Mallorca is the Sa Pobla social housing project. It was designed by Ripoll Tizon who works as an architect at a local studio. This project has given another meaning to simplicity and adaptability. The housing is so good in this respect that it can adapt to individual needs.

This housing project looks relaxed and gives a strong feeling of being on a holiday. The project, completed in 2012, has received a lot of international appreciation for being one of the best social housing projects in the world. It won three different residential architecture awards soon after competition.

4. Honeycomb apartments (Izola, Slovenia)

Unlike Sa Pobla social housing project, the Honeycomb Apartments project in Izola Slovenia is aesthetically charming and electric. The colors are bright and unusual but still catchy. The project was designed by an architect who won a fund award to design inexpensive housing for new families. It turned out to be great success as everyone wanted to live there soon after the project ended.

Each apartment in these amazingly colored two blocks gets shade and fresh air through the innovative balcony area. The colors that you see from the outside are actually shades meant for privacy of residents. These two blocks have 30 apartments in total.

3- Tete En Lair Social Housing Project (Paris, France)

This housing complex doesn’t look like a modern housing project in a busy metropolis at all. With its wooden structure it looks more like an ancient building that somehow kept standing through the tides of time. Still, it’s one of the most impressive housing projects in the world.

This project was completed in 2012 by KOZ Architects. It has 30 living units.

2- Le Lorrain (Brussels, Belgium)

Le Lorrain is designed by MDW who also designed Savonnerie Heymans project. This project is so impressive because it builds the grounds by repurposing an old iron dealer facility. The project took structural advantages from the earlier facility and therefore kept the cost low.

This project is at number 2 in this list because it gives every multi-unit building its own private garden. This is something you can’t expect in public housing.

1- Savonnerie Heymans (Brussels, Belgium)

The Savonnerie Heymans housing project in Belgium is one of the most impressive social housing projects in the world. It is an effort to create an entire neighborhood consisting of affordable public housing. The project was designed by MDW (a local firm).

The apartments in this project have various types. Each apartment in this project is energy efficient and therefore helps residents keep energy costs to minimal. Residents are able to harvest sun light and rain water. This impressive project has 42 living units.

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