How to Find Affordable Housing

It is not an easy job to find a decent place to live in within the reach of your pocket. But following the tips shared in this article, you can have an idea about what to do. How to find the most suitable affordable housing, read below.

Know the different affordable housing offered

There are different kinds of affordable housing. Choose wisely what suits you the best. There are certain eligibility criteria for each of the categories, see where you can fit!

Non-Profit Housing

This is a kind of affordable housing where the applicants are offered well-designed and well- managed homes. The applicants are screened carefully before approving their application. It is a rent-geared-to-income housing plan and you have to pay 30% of your income as a rent.

Section 8

Section 8 or Housing Choice Voucher Program is funded by the federal government. Local government agencies and housing authorities manage this program. If you are eligible, you’ll get the voucher but you may have to wait for some time.

Section 8 voucher allows you to live in a property by giving a portion of the rent. It is usually 30% of your adjusted income. Many private landlords accept these vouchers.

Public Housing

Available in all types and sizes of housing, public housing developments have been recently renovated. It comes with certain restrictions regarding your income and residency. But they are different for each locality.

Affordable Homeownership

In addition to the affordable renting options, affordable housing also sponsors purchase of affordable properties. You can buy a property at low price under various schemes introduced by the government.

The Finance Check – Keep it ready

When you have determined the kind of affordable housing you are eligible for, you may contact your local landlord regarding the process. But before that, get your finances and credit ready.

The Credit Check

Make sure you don’t have any credit issues. Have your credit report ready before contacting a prospective landlord. In case you need any assistance, you may contact a credit counselling agency.

Security Deposit

Arrange the amount for security deposit beforehand. If you can’t, you may request your landlord to take the deposit in instalments. A move-in cost program can also prove great help in this regard.

The Family’s Budget

Apart from house rent, you have to manage to pay for transportation and health care etc. Make sure you can manage it within your budget.

Income Eligibility

Affordable housing targets low or mid income individuals. Your gross income by all possible sources must be within a certain range. Check to see if you qualify the income condition for your selected or any of the affordable housing option.

Your housing preferences

Before you apply for affordable housing, it is important to consider maximum options to land at the right house. Also consider in which category you fall according to the affordable housing’s divisions. Moreover, look for your housing needs like size of house, number of rooms etc. Generally, affordable housing allows 2 persons per bedroom. This means a couple can apply only for one bedroom housing unit.

Apply for the most suitable housing option

Once you have determined your options regarding your eligibility criteria and your housing needs, contact the non-profit developers in the area. Check for the available properties according to your selection criteria. If they have one or more opening properties, enter your name in the waitlist. Submit your application against your selected properties and keep a regular contact with their site managers to know the details.

You may end up waiting for long, but don’t get discouraged. Once you find affordable housing, you’ll get one.

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