Solar Powered Affordable Housing – Is It Reality?

Solar power has been becoming popular in the country with the number of consumers being doubled in the past 3-4 years. But is it affordable? Can an individual living at the middle or lower edge of income scale use it?

The answer is “yes”!

Reliable solar power has now become affordable. The number of homeowners using solar power has been increasing day by day. Reports show that since 2006, the prices of solar energy panels have decreased by 70%. This has made the use of solar power in affordable housing, a reality.

Solar Affordable Housing Programs

There are some organizations that are running solar affordable housing programs. This means that the individuals who qualify for affordable housing can now enjoy the benefits of solar energy along with affordable rents. These organizations fund the solar installation in affordable housing. Some popular solar affordable housing services are given by the following organizations.

Solar Affordable Housing Program, GRID’s Alternatives

Grid Alternatives believes that solar program is required most by the families who are striving to make both ends meet. The families eligible for affordable housing are the most eligible to have solar funds. This is because they are the ones who need savings the most.

Solar City

Solar City aims to save money spent on energy bills. They aim to provide a clean and green environment at a low cost. Also, they donate solar power units to the much needed schools and other communities.

Solar Habitat Program, Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)

PG&E has funded more than $10.6 million to fund solar affordable housing in their habitat program. The funds cover 700 new affordable habitats. And the company has reached this level in 11 years. PG&E has announced to fund 100 more homes in 17 different habitats. The amount announced for the fund is $1 million.

These are just 3 organizations working in US to provide free solar power to affordable housing. Denver Housing Authority and Go Solar California are two other names in this list.

Aims of Providing Solar Powered Affordable Housing

Living standards are easier to maintain with solar affordable housing. The providing organizations aim to reduce energy bills and secure low energy rte especially for those who can’t afford the energy bills.

Reduced Energy Bills

Tenants living in affordable housing can save on their income through reduced bills. Not only the tenant’s utility bill load is reduced but also the total energy use is reduced in the area. It not only suits the pocket of the tenant of the affordable housing but also the owner.

Secure Low Energy Rate

Though the utility prices are unpredictable, solar power can help you retain a low energy rate for up to 20 years. With funds for solar installation programs in affordable housing, the use of solar power has become in the reach of low income individuals.
In the coming years, we hope that more such programs will be introduced by the worthy organizations. It will make the solar powered affordable houses in the reach of eligible families countrywide.

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